Bonus list : The most important articles on GANs

2016 was a vintage year for GAN litterature, with the technique gaining traction and many theoretical breakthroughs on top of much increased quality ( see the recent PPGN paper for impressive results on ImageNet).

Generative Adversarial Networks, I. Goodfellow, 2014 ( + NIPS Tutorial on GANs, I. Goodfellow, 2016)

Deep Convolutional GANs, A. Radford, 2015

Auxiliary Classifier GANs, A. Odena, 2016

Improved Techniques for training GANs, T. Salimans, 2016

InfoGANs : Interpretable Representation learning by Information Maximizing Generative Adversarial Networks, X. Chen, 2016

Energy-Based GANs, J. Zhao, 2016

Adversarially Learned Inference, V. Dumoulin, 2016

Stacked GANs, X. Huang, 2016 ( + StackGAN, H. Zhang, 2016)

Plug and Play Generative Networks : Conditional iterative generation of images in latent space, A. Nguyen, 2016

Wasserstein GANs, M. Arjovsky, 2017 (+ Towards Principled Methods for training GANs, M. Arjovsky, 2016 / Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs, I. Gulrajani,  2017)

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